Kim Bass

Kim Bass is most proud of her work with the Upchurch University Center that is set to open Fall 2018.

As new projects are always popping up on Longwood University's campus, Kim Bass, deputy director of design and construction, “knowing what needs to be done” is just part of her job.

Bass said she manages and has a part in planning the design of new projects, assessing the needed scope of potential projects, finding architects for projects and assessing needs for projects at Longwood.

“We don’t just dream this stuff up, it takes years of planning," said Bass.

She said that she handles each construction project from the time it starts until its completion.

“I’m the project manager from the initiation of the project to the moment the occupation permit is received and we turn over to facilities management,” said Bass. 

Bass said she also handles project management, scheduling for the campus, renovation and smaller projects.

“I have lots of smaller projects,” said Bass. “I have a rework of the Tudor house on high street, I have the Joan of Arc statue, I have a list.”

According to Bass, the the best part of her job was the diversity of tasks and duties she completes at Longwood university.

“As far as what I love about my specific job at Longwood, it’s that I have such a variety of duties,” said Bass. “I get to work with campus folks, whether it’s faculty or staff or students to gain knowledge for scopes for upcoming projects and work with them in the planning process. I get to work with architects and engineers as professionals. It’s never dull.”

She said that another part of her job she really enjoys is being on jobs sites herself.

“I do lots of email and computer work and review drawings on computers and things like that, but I also get out here and put my hard hat on and go on the job site,” she said. 

Bass said that her involvement with the building of the Upchurch University Center is her proudest accomplishment at Longwood.

“I think in the end we’re going to have a wonderful addition to the campus that fits in with the architectural surroundings and is going to serve such a wonderful function for students,” said Bass.

Bass said she received her degree in architecture from Virginia Tech, and initially started working at Longwood in 1987.

“Longwood was the job that I wanted, and I was fortunate enough to get it, that was 1987,” said Bass.

Bass said that she worked at Longwood for six and a half years, but had to take off time to take care of her children and “taught school for about 10 years” in the interim. After that, she came back to Longwood university and “came back to a very similar position.”

Bass has worked at Longwood for a total of 15 years.

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