Ms. Betty

Betty Pelletier, known as Miss Betty to many, sees a bright future with the students at Longwood. 

About nine years ago, Betty Pelletier, moved back to Farmville, VA. from Connecticut. One of her three daughters, Melissa Pelletier, was working at Longwood and told her mother about the job opening at Dorrill Dining Hall (D-hall). Pelletier’s daughter is a Longwood graduate and now works in the Department of Facilities Management Services.

Aside from greeting students with a warm smile at D-hall, Pelletier enjoys spoiling her grandchildren on the weekends.

“I have four grandchildren in Richmond, one in New York and every weekend I go and see the eldest’s soccer games… yeah, I love to spoil them a lot,” said Pelletier.

Pelletier credited her parents and daughters for positively influencing her life.

“They’re beautiful people (her parents) and brought me up well and I think my daughters… I have three daughters and to see them and how they have grown up and what they contribute to life in general and being the kind and beautiful people, they are (positively influence her life),” said Pelletier.

Pelletier’s works Monday through Friday at D-hall. 

“I come in here and I start at 6:30 in the morning and it’s just like a routine, one thing after another and I just enjoy every minute of it,” said Pelletier.

Pelletier described her job as “very rewarding.”

“I see a beautiful bright future coming out of you all… if this is how our future is going to look I am very proud and very happy,” said Pelletier.

Pelletier expressed how the kindness and honesty of students stands out to her. According to Pelletier, there is not one student that does not smile as they approach her to be swiped into the dining hall.

“I love the campus and I love the students here. They’re very honest and kind… if someone doesn’t have a swipe (meal swipe), someone will stop and swipe someone else in or if they find a $20 dollar bill on the floor, they bring it to me… they’re very commendable,” said Pelletier.

One of Pelletier’s favorite memories at Longwood was when she received her first scarf about nine years ago. She was commended for her service for the university.

“They’re all very special but that first time (she received a scarf), it just meant so much to me,” said Pelletier.

Pelletier said she loves all of her coworkers at the dining hall but she shares a close bond with Sandra Scott.

“There’s definitely a very strong bond. I always come in in the morning and give her a hug... you always meet someone that for some reason is very special in your life,” said Pelletier.

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